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E-mega was established in 2016 in an effort to help Haitian Immigrants to navigate the already complicated American life.  Because of our ability to communicate in different languages (Spanish, Creole, French and English) we are able to assist the immigrant community in a wide range of services such as Translation, Immigration, Notary, health insurance referral, business creation, income tax services, and staffing.

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Esther Carasco

The Executive Director of E-mega has over a decade as an entrepreneur managing variety of businesses. She possesses a high work ethic, excellent communication skills, knowledge of labor regulations and HR practices, strategic thinking abilities, and excellent interpersonal skills.  She embodies the qualities that can only be honed over years of dedication to the art HR. In a volunteer leadership capacity, Esther has served with the non for profit organization Community Mission for Hope (CMH Inc) as human resource (HR) director. She has experience in dealing with employee grievances and disputes, supporting employee development, enhancing job satisfaction, designing onboarding procedures, implementing HR strategies that support business objectives, forecasting staffing needs, mitigating risk, structuring benefit packages, managing budgets, designing accountability mechanisms and overseeing employment needs. As her personal background, Esther has worked in different work environment, from Healthcare, commerce, to manufacturing industry. Her role, among others, with E-Mega Services and Staffing includes also designing and directing training alongside HR management.

Raymond Pierre

The President of E-Mega is a well-respected Citizen and native of Haiti. He has over 10 years of experience in international development agencies including Care International in Haiti where he managed various projects financed by the USAID, European Union, and Private Donors. He has strong knowledge and grassroots experience in staff management, micro planning, microfinance, livelihood promotion, disaster management, project management, capacity building, networking, program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects. He speaks English, Spanish, French and the Haitian native language, Creole.  He has also owned and managed a number of big and small businesses in several areas of Haiti and in the US, where he has developed and maintains a very good working relationship with the business community. Dr. Pierre is the Executive Director of E-Mega Services and E-Mega Staffing.


Francesse Lindor (HR / Office Manager)

E-Mega services’ administrator, Francesse Lindor is an honor graduate of Unity School of Business. She has extensive experience in business creation and business administration. As an entrepreneur herself, she successfully managed many large scale and small businesses. Her background in litigation and corporate law negotiation from previous work experience, add to her accounting training, together with her business experience put her in the ideal position with E-Mega to handle any work situation and to create a comprehensive strategic plan to implement a foolproof risk management strategy. She has the ability to interact with high professionalism with senior management and with the business community to assist clients in finding pragmatic solutions to strategic boardroom issues.


Ritchy Joseph (Director of Finance)

The director of finance of E-Mega Services is a Business Administrator graduated from Hodges University in Florida. He oversees all the company’s financial activities to ensure it stays in strong financial standing. He sat on many boards internationally within the hospitality industry. He understands the complex models of finances and prepares and outlines them into simple terms that all levels of management can work with. He analyses trends to reduce companies’ financial risks associated with making investment or spending decisions. He assists companies in reviewing their financial policies and creating usable budgets including evaluating the needs of each department in the long term. He supervises the income tax return service for E-Mega to ensure every client has the highest well deserved income tax return.


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