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E-Mega Services LLC is a community based partnership limited liability company. Established in Boynton Beach – Florida, and in Shelbyville – Illinois, E-Mega Services has a dedicated and tenured team working tirelessly with local companies to help them meet urgent and challenging need to find topnotch talents. The company plans to operate nationwide. However, this will come progressively as we fulfil companies’ hiring need.

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E-Mega Services LLC. is a Customer care service company.
The E-Mega Services staff will assist with the daily duties leading to providing World Class Service to your company’s customers. They will answer and handle daily phone calls from internal and external customers; they will monitor the personal and commercial lines general voicemail boxes and return calls or forward calls to the appropriate teammates in a timely manner or by the end of each workday. They will also manage the Co.com email by responding to any emails within 1 business day. E-Mega Services staff Handle incoming telephone calls and emails in a timely fashion with a friendly, respectful and welcoming demeanor Provide requested documents and/or information requested by our customers, such as, but not limited too; Payment status Refund status Requests for copies of policy documents Status of change request, cancellation request, etc Enter File Notes to document conversations and information provided during phone call conversations with the customer Import emails received and/or sent to customers to document information provided during email correspondence with the customer Contributes to team effort and/or other by accomplishing various tasks as they are assigned

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