Job Training

Job Training

E-Mega also offers training that the other staffing companies do not offer such as the following:

Diverse Support: We are here to serve and support people of all ethnicities, nationalities, languages, and cultures. Whether you were born and raised in the Midwest or you’ve recently moved to the area from another state (or country!) we want to give you all the tools you need for your success. All of our staff are multi-lingual and have extensive cross-cultural experience.

Job Training: We help our employees learn how to prepare for interviews, fill out applications, explain the hiring process (and paperwork!) and equip them with pre-employment training that is relevant to the industry they’ll be working in.

Financial Literacy Resources: Tax withholding, health savings accounts, 401k – have you ever struggled to understand what all these things mean and how they can affect your paycheck? We’ll give you resources to better understand the financial paperwork you fill out when you start a new job and learn how to manage and save your money.

English Learning Assistance: Are you a beginner who needs the basics? Or maybe you have a good foundation, but you’d like to build your vocabulary or improve your reading and writing skills? We can connect you to courses and tutors that will help you achieve your goals.